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At Element EV, we excel in EV charging Dubai, dedicated to empowering businesses and cities in adopting electric mobility. Our cutting-edge, eco-friendly charging solutions enhance accessibility and convenience for electric vehicles. Our distinctive approach to sustainable transportation, collaborating with governments, companies, and communities, distinguishes us in driving the transition to cleaner and greener roads.

About Us
01 - Consultation
Initial Consultation
Begin the journey towards sustainable transportation by scheduling an initial consultation with our experienced team at Element EV. During this phase, we'll:
1. Discuss your specific requirements and goals regarding electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.
2. Evaluate the current infrastructure and capacity of electricity at your location to determine the best charging solutions.
3. Identify potential locations for charging stations and assess their feasibility.
02 - Solution
Customized Solution Design
Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, Element EV will work closely with you to design a customized charging plan.
This step involves:
1. Developing a tailored charging station layout and network that aligns with your existing planning and growth projections.
2. Selecting the appropriate charging station models and power levels to meet the needs of various EVs and charging scenarios.
3. Collaborating with local authorities & landlords (if necessary) to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for installation.
03 - Installation
Installation and Integration
With the customized solution in place, Element EV will proceed with the installation and integration of the charging stations into your city's infrastructure.
This phase includes:
1. Professional installation of the charging equipment at designated locations, ensuring compliance with safety and accessibility standards.
2. Integration with your city's energy grid to ensure a seamless and efficient power supply to the charging stations.
3. Implementation of user-friendly payment and access systems for EV drivers, promoting ease of use and convenience.
04 - Maintenance
Support & Maintenance
Element EV's commitment to your city doesn't end with installation. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the long-term success of your charging infrastructure.

Regular monitoring and maintenance of charging stations to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.

24/7 customer support for both city administrators and EV drivers, addressing any issues or inquiries promptly.

Data analytics and reporting to track usage, energy consumption, and performance, helping optimize the charging network over time.

Expansion and scalability options to accommodate the growing demand for electric mobility within your city.


“Whilst managing a supercar showroom we are extremely careful who we choose to work with. We chose Element EV as they came recommended and they did not disappoint. They carried out several in depth site surveys to assess our exact requirements and then advise on the best solution to move forward.”

Gareth Rodrigues
Showroom Manager
CV Auto Dubai


"I had the pleasure of working with Element EV on our commercial project, and I couldn't be more impressed with their expertise and dedication. From the initial concept to the final execution, their team demonstrated exceptional skills."

Stuart McMurdo
Director of Sport
Jebel Ali Hotels & Resorts UAE


“From the initial call to Element EV, they couldn’t do enough to assist with our very specific requirements. Nothing was a problem for the team and Element EV made the whole decision-making process from start to finish extremely easy for us.”

Trevor Hunter
Adamas Group - Lotus Dubai & Abu Dhabi
After Sales Manager GCC

Latest Projects

Adamas Lotus

Adamas Motors GCC are looking for immediate solutions to enable them to take “first steps” into the world of DC rapid charging within their dealership network. Their initial focus is a fleet of Kempower T Series Movable DC Units.

All Projects

Latest Projects

Els Club Dubai Sports City

Els Golf Club Dubai have a few existing AC chargers but are looking to upgrade to faster economical solutions. Due to the charger locations, the challenge will be to reconfigure and upgrade the existing infrastructure to enable safe and cost-effective installations. This project is currently ongoing.

All Projects

Latest Projects

CV Auto Dubai

Having a large focus on sports & supercars, CV Auto currently has growing requirements for EV charging to support vehicles like the Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQS, Audi Etron and the soon to be released Rolls Royce Spectre. As more and more high-end vehicles turn to electric with larger capacity batteries, CV Auto will need a highly flexible solution to their ever-increasing needs.

All Projects
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